Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sparadic thoughts of Jesse's mind

Ummmmmmm. Where is Marian Hossa and why didn't he return for the third period?  (Frank note:  Hossa only took a few shifts in the second period and left the game with what was called an "upper body injury."  When he was hurt, and where he was hurt, and how serious the injury is is not yet clear.  I hope it isn't bad - I have the guy locked up on two of my fantasy hockey squads.)
Get well soon Marian. Dear god please get well soon.
The Blackhawks first game back from a three day vacation was tonight against the Kings. Patrick Sharp is on fire, and a handsome young man. Nine goals so far this season. Hawks win even being outshot. Ending a two game losing streak. Always good to win at home to such a tough team. 
Brian Campbell is ahead of scheldule and already on skates. Once he returns maybe Keith and Seabrook can sit down for more than 10 seconds a game.  (Frank note:  Keith will always play 45 minutes a game.  I think they added horse DNA into his genetics when he was a baby because that dude is a work horse that just does not make mistakes.  Anyone in Chicago right now that would take Kane over Keith?)
Should sticks really break this much?
The NBA Season began to take away what little ESPN time hockey gets.
Dear Patrick Kane,
   Welcome to the third line, now put your mouthpiece in your mouth and do something please.
Antti Niemi is making the Hawks look good. And the Hawks don't look good.
The Minnesota Wild's alternate jersey is much better looking than that weird logo with trees and whatever.
If your 100 million man is watching from the pressbox, shit is seriously caked on the fan. I don't know what is up is New Jersey other than the fact that the Devils suck right now.
Speaking of sucking in New Jersey. You can pick up Nets tickets for as low as .39 cents on Stubhub. People pay more the cheapest thing at taco bell. I spent more on a can of soda. That price blows my mind.
The World Series is underway and no one cares.
So Mel Gibson was supposed to have cameo in The Hangover 2, until the staff voted no. There are so many jokes here. So much racism.
Sony announced they are no longer making Walkmans. 1992 is bummed.


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