Friday, October 22, 2010

Rarely am I glad we have Gary...

David Stern recently came out with a list of things he wanted to accomplish with the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement.  It included the following.

-A hard cap
-A 40% rollback in all player salaries
-Unlimited expense deductions
-The elimination of guaranteed contracts

"There's a swing of somewhere in the neighborhood of $750 to $800 million that we would like to change" Stern said in regards to how much he'd like to roll back in player salaries. 

David Stern is clearly insane.

What would your response be if your boss called you into his office and asked you to do the same amount of work for 40% less money just so he could make more?

At least Bettman had the tact to not come right out and say "I don't think our players are worth as much as we're paying them.  I'm going to sit on the laps of the owners and cause a work stoppage.  Whatever it takes to make these 30-some people happy."

So what's my point?  We may be stuck with a lame commish who is not a hockey-man, but at least he isn't an idiot. 

And now we have yet another reason to be glad that we aren't the NBA.  Let me know how the lock out feels next year boys. 

Sports > economics


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