Monday, October 18, 2010

My name is Jesse. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Frank here, again.  In all honesty this blog came about from the encouragement from a few friends.  Of course.  But during a text exchange with my friend Jesse last week I decided I was going to take a run at it.  He said a few things that clicked, and made me feel like it was worth a shot.

As it turns out, Jesse is a decent writer and a good friend.  Since he helped talk me into this (finally) and came up with the name for the blog and aided in the development of our concept, he gets to post as a contributor.  Just pretend we're, with more than one writer about the same thing. 

I mean, it's only a matter of time before we get there, right?

So with no more introduction, the following is Jesse's first post.  An introduction, much like my first post was.  Enjoy.


Life has a very interesting way about it. People also have interesting ways about themselves. People generally think they know what is best for any other person that is willing to listen. I am also guilty of this. As I get older I realize these things. I plan to write about the things that I learn in life that I feel as though are important and or may be useful to someone else. As I stated earlier, you know what is best for you, I am full of mere suggestions. Keep in mind that I am an idiot, and I am asshole.
Another thing I plan to write about is sports. I have loved sports since I was young. The thing I love the most about sports is the companionship and the passion. Everyone wants to be a part of something. Being a sports fan is something everyone can be a part of. No matter what the sport almost everyone has a favorite team. The feeling you get when you realize you and another person have the same favorite team is incredible.
To my understanding this will be a hockey based blog. Let it be known that Frank's hockey knowledge is probably at least triple that of mine. It can be said I am a little more than a casual hockey because I know a lot about one team. My knowledge outside that one team is very little, But my love for that one team is very great. You will figure out the team soon enough. I have been studying up on my hockey this season already for this blog and to be able to keep up with Frank.
My contributions to this blog will probably be inconsistent as with everything else in my life. Some weeks may have two or three and others may have none. Some days I may just feel like playing Call of Duty instead.
Frank probably does not remember any of this so it is more than likely news to him as well. The first time I met Frank was while he was working at the Tecumseh Dining Hall while we were both attending Vincennes University. The only reason I spoke to him was because he was wearing a Red Wings hat. I asked, "You a big Red Wings fan?", in my mind I was thinking 'Detroit Sucks.' I'm sure his answer was yes, I didn't care at the time. Later on we both worked at our local Buffalo Wild Wings where we became friends. I generally learn and can respect Frank's opinions on things or else you wouldn't be reading me type this right now. 
My name is Jesse. It is a pleasure to meet you.


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  1. Nice work Jessie & Frank!
    What I think is going to be great about this blog, is that you both see hockey as something beyond a sport...sort of like how Hemingway saw bullfighting...but without the loosers having their ears cut off as a prize--but that could increase ratings now that I think about it...but Buffalo would have already lost 4 ears already, and who would get to decide who got their ears cut off anyway? Players union would never buy into it. So, you can see where Frank got his ADD from, can't you?
    You should know that I was rooting for the Flyers for the first time ever a couple of nights ago when they squared off against the Pens. I never thought we'd see a bigger bitch than Pronger, but we have it in Matt Cooke.
    Keep up the good work!