Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sorry it's been so long. I honestly haven't even had a vehicle since the beginning of January so i haven't been anywhere but here and work.
Ladd and Buff are doing great in Atlanta and i wish them the best of luck.
I love the bolts out of Tampa Bay right now. Nice work to Mr. Yzerman.
With the Blackhawks it's the same ol' story. Some nights they are great, some nights they absolutely blow it in the third period. You have to watch the whole game because there is always a chance they will blow it.
At first when Detroit signed Nabokov, I thought to myself, "why waste your time. Dude can't win when it matters." Then from couch he says "what's the point." Don't be arrogant dude. You got cut for a reason. Be thankful anyone is giving you a chance. I wouldn't. Proves he doesn't love the game.
Patrick Kane's star power got him an alternate captain job in the all-star game. I'm stoked to watch the Chicago players have a good time. Crosby isn't playing, which I think is bad for hockey. But if you're hurt, you're hurt. ask jay cutler.
Peter Forsberg is the new Brett Favre. I miss Joe Sakic.
I was in attendance for the Hawks blowout against the Islanders this month. When they're good, they're good.
ESPN keeps putting up this rumor about Brent Seabrook getting traded. I highly doubt it happens unless it's extremely lopsided.
Ben Eager is a shark now. Suckkkkkks. I really hoped he would come back.  I would have given up Cullimore, Boynton, and Scott to get Eager back. Dude has passion.
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Until next time.