Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jesse comes out and unvails his favorite squad.

To start this post I would like to remind you all that Marian Hossa is a beast. Period.
In these past few weeks he has been unstoppable.

We all love big hits. The NFL and UFC is absolutely huge right now. People love to see people get rocked. Even I love to see a good fight now and again. Nothing changes the
momentum of a game like a nobody on your team winning a fight. The main difference between a fight and a blindsided head shot is the fight is controlled. Everyone knows what they are in for and it can be ended at anytime.

A hit from behind sucks. Across the board. If you the opposing team does it, it's the biggest deal in the world. If your team does it you make sure the floor is still there and look to change the subject.
The suspensions and fines are legit. They are deserved. No one likes losing money, no matter what country you were born in. The only reason I don't park in handicap spots is because I don't want to pay the fine. The hits will decrease.

As Frank stated this is not yesterdays hockey. These guys are huge and they been playing hockey since they could tie their skates. They know how to hit. In this day and age we know too much concussions and head injuries. Imagine these guys not wearing helmets these days. It could be fatal. We cannot eliminate hard hits because it is a part of the game, but we can not let it get out of hand.
These suspensions must stay consistent.
Niklas Hjalmarsson was suspended two games for a hit on Jason Pominville of the Buffalo Sabres. Hjalmarsson's first game back was against the Sabres. A Buffalo player knocked the glass out of the boards looking to land a big hit. I'm sure the boys in suits saw the drama coming. Pominville has yet to return from Hjalmarsson's hit.

Moving on, the Stanley Cup champions were off to a sluggish start with a loss to the large amounts of falling snow and the Wings of Red. Losing your entire defense will do that to a team. Luckily Hossa has been playing out of his mind and Patrick Sharp has a pretty good relationship with the back of the net. Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook can't keep playing the amount of minutes they have been.

Nick Leddy was sent to Rockford this week which I found strange seeing that John Scott is the worst player in the league. Boynton knows the exact time we do not want a penalty and commits a delay of game. Last and not far from least everyone is aware Cullimore just isn't that good.

Dear Marty Turco,
     The last I checked you're getting paid to be the goalie. Please stop straying so far away from the goal.
   - Everyone.

Corey Crawford is solid backup. Rockford has treated him well.

My main concern right now the Chicago Blackhawks are conditioning and defense. Bickell won a fight last night. It seemed to pump them up a bit to pull the overtime win over the St Louis musical notes. Last season they out skated everyone. The blondes and Bacardi's over the summer didn't treat the stamina too well.

That's enough Blackhawk talk for now. I just don't get to talk about them very often.


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