Friday, October 15, 2010

Hockey, Life, and what to Expect

Life has an interesting way about it.  Obviously I am not reinventing the wheel of thought here when I state this.  But that doesn't make it any less true. 

When I was a kid my dad decided to redo our basement.  Needed a closet.  So he wanted to build one.  Drywall and what not.  Probably a few beers.  The works.  Or was it?  You see, my father was building in an iTuneless, iPodless time (insane to even think we ever existed without these things, right?) and he had to rely on a radio! *cue the dramatic, static filled music*

As the Hockey God's would have it, only one station came in on my dad's radio down in our basement:  an A.M. station carrying an IHL team called the Cincinnati Cyclones (  My dad - a lifelong baseball fan - discovered hockey.

Needless to say, he passed this on to his young son.  ...  Yes.  That would be me. And I took it.  Apparently like I'd never took to anything in my adolescent years.  I never loved basketball (short), and you couldn't pay me to play baseball (boring) or chase a soccer ball around a field (asthma).  But you put a stick in my hands and I'll disappear for hours.

This story could obviously go on.  I could talk about my first hockey games and going to Cincinnati Mighty Ducks games and playing and playing and playing.  But that isn't what you're here for.  What I want you - all three of you! - to know is that hockey isn't like a hobby to me.  It's integrated into the fabric of my person like a profession or a title like brother or husband might be.  Not all hockey fans are like this.  I'm here for the ones who are.  Who understand that a person plays the sport the way they live their lives.

There's a short bio, I guess.  Other important things include the following:

I hate Matt Cooke.
I love the game more than any one team.
Every year I pull for one underdog team - usually the Buffalo Sabres and the Blue Jackets (thanks dad).
I think Chris Stewart and Drew Doughty should form a super-hero crime fighting duo.
I always crank the sound whenever we get a live game from a Canadian venue.  The anthems are astounding.
Gary Bettman is a business man.  Not a hockey man.
We don't need two teams in Florida.  Move one to Winnipeg. 
Winnipeg should have a hockey team.

I think that about does it for now.  I plan on being a very active poster - at least once a day, but hopefully two or three times.  So check back, and tell all your friends to come check it out!

Be well, and good luck.


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