Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jesse reviews a few games and entertains some entertaining thoughts.

Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook play about a half hour every night. This isn't good for anyone.
The Chicago Blackhawks are out of shape.
Brian Campbell should be on skates next week.
The rent is too damn high. -

Hawks beat the Canucks in a shootout Wednesday night. Toews and Kane were automatic and Sharp is a good looking man. All three putting the puck in the net during the shootout respectively. Viktor Stalberg and his fourth line scored the Hawks lone goal in regulation in the first. Four game winning streak. Free scarves and a shootout. Can't beat it.

Luongo shit his pants Wednesday. I'm not impressed with the Canucks. The NHL Network have been stoked on them since preseason though.
The four game winning streak was ended in a loss to the St. Louis sads Friday night. Sharp and Seabrook the only hawks to light the lamp. It was a close game just as every other game so far this year. John Scott finally did something useful and got into a fight. He didn't win, but neither did the other person. I was under the assumption that he would fight like Mike Tyson seeing that he can barely skate.
Kaner had his mom fly into Chicago last week when he was sick. You scored the winning goal in the Stanley Cup. Now is the best time for you to look for a girlfriend.
The day after the letter was posted to Turco he waved Seabrook in for a pass. My living room erupted.

Marty Turco is a loyal reader if you weren't already aware.

We are all aware of what Ryan Rypien did so I won't waste your time. The fan spoke to the local newspaper saying that all he said was "way to be professional." That's awesome. He also made it clear that he would be pressing charges. I'm sure at least 3 lawyers talked to him before he left the building. If a player grabbed me like that at the United Center I would be absolutely stoked. Jumping for sheer joy. Rink side seats forever baby. The building may also receive a little bit of the blame seeing they didn't bring out the tunnel for him to walk in. Rypien was suspended six games. Six games is a slap on the wrist.

Speaking of people acting professionally. The punter for the Indianapolis Colts Pat McAfee was found by police soaking wet at 5:30 A.M. Wednesday morning. Homeboy went swimming in the canal in 40 degree weather. He told the police he was soaking wet because it had been raining. It hasn't rained in months in Indiana. I was unaware people went off like this on Tuesday nights. Dude rules.

Pat McAfee parties. Fact.

Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens have their show on Versus. No Care Ever. They stated on their show that the NHL hits are harder than the NFL hits. They know this because they are smartest men alive.

I thought it was interesting.
In music news the new Killing the Dream album is now up for preorder at - you can also watch a live set.


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