Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long time no see - my explanation and why you should forgive me.

It's been a few weeks since my last post.  Lets get underway.

I have a lot of respect for Mike Modano.  He's won his Cup.  He's had his prolific years, and passed on the torch in Dallas.  He was the face of a franchise that he was drafted by, and wore the C for the greater part of a decade.

He's done just about everything a player would want to do.  In a very highly publicized move, Mike Modano came back home to where his career started as a young child to win another Cup with his hometown squad.  He was to anchor what was to be one of the better third lines in hockey. 

And then there was a freak accident.  These things happen.  Modano caught an errant skate blade behind his own net.  The blade found its way under his glove and severed skin and tendons, and doctors almost immediately counted him out for the season. 

Mike disagrees.

He is already taking measures to prevent excess scar tissue from forming and is gunning for a return in March. 

I find this to be pretty impressive.

For a player that really doesn't have anything to prove to look at a 90-day rehab schedule at the very end of his career?  The only thing that is driving him is a desire to win another Cup and just play more hockey.  I don't know what else fuels that besides an outright Love of the Game.  What a wonderful example for our young players.  I'll take Mike Modano and his drive to win over Brett Farve and his self-obsession in a heart beat.

The reason I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately is pretty simple.  My "real" life has been going pretty well, and several different things have been occupying my time.  Usually I would force myself to make some, but lately I haven't felt like I've had a whole lot of positive things to write about.

The Cambell email incident kind of sunk in, and I was angry.  I didn't want to voice those feelings and make them so public, so I just didn't write anything.  This is really the first time I've felt distant enough from reading them that I could sit down at a blank page and not berate the League. 

I feel like I do that enough.

I missed you.  And I will try not to do this too often.

How about those Thrashers?  I haven't been able to catch any of their games, but I just love the story.  My question?  How crazy would Winnipeg be going right now?  Dustin would probably have one of the top selling sweaters in the League.

Wow, Sidney.  Wow.  I feel like an older brother watching his younger brother transcend himself.  It's just that I was older than he was when he came into the NHL.  This was the first player who was outstanding and younger than me.  This was an odd, odd feeling for me then and it still is.

As I sit on my couch watching a college hockey game writing about hockey, Sid is averaging two and a half points a game. 

(As a sidenote, the college game I have been watching, their power play sponsor is Jack in the Box...  resulting in the color commentator saying "And this power play has been brought to you by Jack in the Box."  Clever.)

He nearly had three hat tricks in four games last week.  Instead he had to settle for two hat tricks and two two goal games.  I don't think you need a hockey blog writer to tell you that we're witnessing  something special here.

Stamkos hasn't been doing too shabby either.

Well I'm all out of thoughts for now.  Sleep beckons. 


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