Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jesse, a day late. (Fault? Frank's.)

The hockey games have been great lately. That Sharks - Flyers game was awesome.
Corey Crawford's winning streak was finally ended by the Sharks. Kane and Hossa are hurt and you can tell Toews knows he has to pick it up. - and he has been.
I watched the Rangers absolutely stomp the Capitals tonight. Every time I looked up either someone was scoring or fighting.
I honestly haven't watched many games the Hawks haven't been in. Watching the Blues isn't fun anymore with all the injuries.
Dear Lebron-
          I'm not mad at you, nor do I blame you. If I was giving the chance to leave these midwest winters for South Beach I would do the same. You need to have an ESPN special showing your house in Miami. When people saw that they'd understand. It's beautiful. I wish you the best. I respect you for doing what's best for you.
                                                                                                                       I like you more since you left. - Jesse
The Heat played the Golden State Warriors the other night and the fans in Oakland booed him. What do they even care.
The way Cleveland has reacted isn't very inviting for any other stars coming in that they can afford now. He may have left the wrong way, but you can't hate him for leaving.
People leave jobs for better jobs everyday.
It's funny because I compare all these things going on in the sports world to my job. Would everyone in Greencastle hate my guts if I wrote a letter to the newspaper saying I quit? What about the snow completely ruining the Minnesota Vikings roof. I would love for that to happen to me. Vacation city. I would love to grab a customer's shirt as I was walking by like Rick Rypien did and get four days off, or go crazy on someone like Andre Johnson did not get suspended at all. If only ya know.
Jimmy Eat World are playing on Conan on Dec.13.
Bobby Ray released a new mixtape title 'No Genre' and it is awesome. Download it here. - http://www.bobatl.com/blog/no-genre-mixtape/

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