Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Lebron,

This is how a crowd responds to you when you leave like a Champion, and with honor and respect.  They cheer you between the whistles, and boo you during the game.  They don't burn your jerseys.  Ya' prick.

Anyway, that was a crazy hockey game on Versus tonight, on a night that would see the Sharks steal a victory from the jaws of defeat.  Gafaw!

After going down 4 to 1 with a little over 13 minutes to play, the Sharks roared back to life and scored three unanswered goals to force overtime after killing off a Philadelphia power play as the clock wound down. 


OT comes and almost goes quietly.  That is until Mike Richards fires his last chance shot from the top of the slot.  The puck takes a funny bounce and careens off of Danny Briere's skate, finding its way to the back of the net.  Right as time expires.

The referees on the ice seem sure of their call - it's a goal.  But they review it to be on the safe side.  They could be seen explaining this to Dan as he skated back to his bench.

Then the reviews clearly showed that the clock struck zeros literally a tenth of a second before the puck crossed the line entirely.


Then, of course, the Sharks go on to win in a shootout.  How many different ways can you find to lose a hockey game, Philly?

Pete is throwing an absolute fit after this one, I'd bet.

And Sid?  What is there left to say.  Crown that man.

Crown.  That.  Man.

I don't want any part of him come playoff time.

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