Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jesse's thoughts on Halloween, the Hawks, and looking like an ass.

Sorry for no post over the weekend. It was a busy one and I don't get a day off this week. One other reason for no post this weekend is because there are only so many ways to type the Blackhawks suck.

Hope your had a Happy Halloween. I can't count on my fingers how many times I heard, "Just an excuse for girls to (FS Edit) walk around town like they were at home, alone." I honestly don't know how they wanted me to respond to that. "Yeah it rules." or "Yeah it's so dumb blahblahblah." No care ever. Get away from me. I honestly do love Halloween. Mainly the decorations and the pumpkins. I'm down for pumpkin, owl, and bat decorations year round.

Brian Campbell is back. Yay.

Hawks had a stupid weekend. Pulled off a solid win against the Kings. Got totally destroyed by the Oilers. I didn't get to watch this game so when I saw the final score I about passed out. Tazer finally got some stats in this game. Beat the Wild on Saturday in a terribly boring game.

Shit has been lame recently man. Cup hangover is setting in. I understand the fact that you are defending the Stanley Cup so everyone wants to beat you but the Hawks are in such a tough division this lolly-gagging isn't gonna cut it. Also losing to Rangers and the Devils doesn't look sweet on the resume either. 

Thank god I'm not a Minnesota Vikings fan. Brett Favre is done. Cutting Randy Moss is accepting the fact it's over.

I hope Seabrook is a Hawk next year.

I work in an establishment where I am required to say goodbye to guests as they are leaving. (My life sucks). Our restroom is located next to our exit. I get faked out and say my farewells to people actually entering the restroom. Needless to say I look like a jackass at least two times a day for this very occasion.  (FS:  I work at the same kind of joint as Jesse - same chain, actually - and I too look like an ass one or two times a day due to this phenomenon, usually bringing my daily total to somewhere around 65 or 70.)
Blake Griffin has been a monster so far this season. Dude trys to destroy the world with every dunk.

Dear Kevin Garnett,
           I'm not mad at you. Charlie Villanueva does look like a cancer patient.
                                           - Jesse - All the netminders masks. Pretty neat. - Some parts are in spanish. You'll figure it out. Free tunes brah.



  1. Speaking of Halloween, just had to make it public that Franklin was once Darkwing Duck for halloween....bill, floppy feet, big hat...the whole 9 yards. Just thought I'd give you the visual of Mr. steele wearing a duck bill and webbed yellow feet. You're welcome.

  2. This is why you shouldn't ever tell your father that you have a blog. Ever! Haha.